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CSiGORA is very proud to be the European distriubutor of the RescueRake™

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If you live in Europe but outside of Sweden shipping cost is 129 SEK. Buying two RescueRake™ will result in a shipping cost of 80 SEK instead which it is for all orders over 600 SEK. Shipping is fast and your order will arrive in about three days. You can buy safe with your credit card or we can send you an invoice with our IBAN number (förskottsbetalning). In that case, we ship your order as fast as we see the payment on our account. If there are any problems with your order, please write to info@csigora.com and we will help you.

RescueRake™ is the grooming tool that will allow you to gently, quickly, and painlessly go through your pet’s coat on a daily basis and remove any debris plus the loose and dead coat. For long, medium, curly, dense, and double coats, finally you will be able to get all the way through the coat and down to the skin. You can now catch anything before problems develop without scrapping, scratching, cutting or irritating the skin. Using the ergonomic RescueRake™ is easy on your wrist too!

RescueRake™ is the grooming tool for your pet that is as gentle and effective as combing your own hair and should become part of the daily once over that veterinarians recommend. Forget about all the tools that require you to put razor sharp blades against your pet and cut out or rip out piles of dead hair. You know your pet hates it and you feel awful too. And then there is all that mess to clean up! Rather than chasing after your pet for a stressful session for both of you, watch him come running as soon as you pick up the RescueRake™ because he knows it’s time for you to give him gentle caresses and your undivided attention.

Designed by Gail Dash from California and manufactured in the USA using hospital grade aluminum, steel, and sanoprene rubber from recycled sources whenever possible, the RescueRake™stands up to disinfectant  soaps or Barbicide washing after washing.  Especially important when used in a shelter, groomer, or vet facility. Dry after washing as pins will rust if left wet.

The RescueRake™ is overall about 8 inches in length from the top of the head to the end of the handle. The body is made of aluminum with the handle covered in sanoprene rubber for a non slip grip. The head is 3 inches wide and contains a nylon rib which holds 15 evenly spaced pins. The head also positions the pins at a 115 degree oblique angle to the handle. The pins are alloy steel, heat treated to Rockwell hardness 54. The rib is keyed to a cavity in the head and retained with 3 set screws. The long pins are 1-1/2 inches in length with rounded tips.

Why call it RescueRake™?  The tool is entirely made in the USA by out of work union toolmakers. The materials are hospital quality while coming from suppliers known to recycle for their new materials. Now I have a patent pending and I have set the company philosophy to treat everyone involved with RescueRake™ fairly. To be made and serviced in the USA. To leave little impact on our environment. To contribute to rescue groups as our company grows.

The first thing people say when holding theRescueRake™ in their hand is how it feels substantial, like a solid tool that will last for years. Even before people put it to use they feel the quality. Read more on the American Webpage for RescueRake™!

Unfortunately this webshop is in Swedish so here are some translations you might need when you make your order. If you have problems, do not hesitate to email: info@csigora.com.

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    5 av 5


    Äntligen har jag hittat precis det jag sökte! Har letat efter just den här utformningen, som verkligen underlättar för handlederna. Dessutom är den skonsam mot pälsen. Har Berner sennen hundar, vars päls är tjock och svår att komma igenom. Men med den här, Rescue Rake, går det som en dans. Jag rekommenderar den varmt. Köp den, ni kommer inte att bli besvikna!

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